About Us

David Miguens, Founder of EV activewear is a highly resilient person, determined to raise standards in Portugal. With the creation of a brand of excellence, of Portuguese origin, accessible to all and that focuses on well-being and overcoming daily challenges.
Born and raised in Barreiro, Portugal, where he served as a Marine Officer, he knows well the meaning of hard work and how determination is fundamental. Imbued with enormous perseverance, he graduated in Sports, Business Management and Finance.
He works as a Personal Trainer in Lisbon, where he daily supports and motivates people to overcome themselves. He recognizes the importance that confidence and well-being have in human life.
Thus was born EV activewear, an idea that brings value, confidence and well-being. An idea that intends to highlight the authenticity of each one.
For David and EV the word "impossible" does not exist, since this is the manifestation of his willpower and of all the people who have passed through it.


Being a premium brand that strives to deliver high quality activewear and bring out the best in you.
We are an eco-conscious company and carefully balance the need for innovation and nature by offering an activewear range that perfectly combines comfort and style.