About Us

Ev activewear was born from a deep passion: to celebrate every body in its authentic beauty. In the world of fashion, there’s often a pursuit for perfection, but at Ev, we cherish authenticity. We recognize that every body has its own story, its curves, its uniqueness, and each should be celebrated, not just accepted. Every piece we design is a tribute to individuality, confidence, and the true essence of the wearer. Our mission is clear: every person, regardless of shape or size, should feel valued, comfortable, and most importantly, authentic. It’s not just about clothing; it’s a statement, a call for freedom. At Ev, we believe that true elegance stems from the courage to be genuinely ourselves.


Being a premium brand that strives to deliver high quality activewear and bring out the best in you.
We are an eco-conscious company and carefully balance the need for innovation and nature by offering an activewear range that perfectly combines comfort and style.